NN-Systems Ltd. was established in 1988, in order to develop real-time and control systems for customers. We have developed a large range of microcontroller based systems for many clients.

Here is a partial list of products developed by NN-Systems:


  • Hydraulic automatic transmission control system for vehicles
  • Fire alarm control panels
  • Burglar alarm control panels
  • Automatic sniper and tank target practice systems
  • Access control systems (hotel locks and institutional systems)
  • RFID proximity readers
  • Meteorological balloon tracking systems
  • Telephone exchange control
  • Laser based diamond cutting controls
  • Gas identification systems
  • High throughput automated unit handling system (automated physical item storage)
  • RF transceiver controllers
  • VHSIC tester for a major microprocessor manufacturer
  • Insulin dripper controls
  • Advanced industrial sensor controllers (temperature, humidity)
  • Non-volatile memory emulation
  • Advanced LED display controllers
  • High power stepper motor controllers
  • Piezo motor controllers

 NN Systems Ltd.​​

Real Time Control Systems